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April Newsletter Contents

  1. Celebrate your Eco-Achievements! Click “Submit” by April 30th
  2. A Star is Born! New Ontario EcoSchools How to Videos
  3. The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup | Lead and Learn!
  4. Get Outside Every Day! Can You Do It?
  5. The Green Flash: Solar Oven Challenge - register by May 16th

Celebrate your Eco-Achievements! Click “Submit” by April 30th

Ontario EcoSchools is exited to receive your school’s Certification Application this spring! We encourage you to submit as early as possible. The final deadline is April 30th, however, schools that submit by the Early Bird Deadline (April 23rd) will automatically be entered into a draw for an outdoor experiential field trip of your EcoTeam’s choice (up to $1000 value).

How to submit

  1. This year all schools are submitting a Paperless Portfolio. Ensure the Portfolio Requirements have been collected and uploaded. For uploading instructions, check out our new “How to Upload a Portfolio Requirement” video.
  2. Review and submit your school’s application.

For more details see pages 24-25 of the 2013-2014 Certification Guide.

Useful tool: Application Completion Tracker
This handy tool is located at the top of the Application Summary page in the online application and is designed to ensure that every school submits the most complete application possible.  All items in the Application Completion Tracker must be addressed before your school can submit.

Site Visit Information

Assessors will be visiting schools this May and June to celebrate your eco-achievements. We are excited to see how the EcoSchools program has engaged your schools in environmental learning and earth-friendly practices. Click here for important site visit information.

A Star is Born! New Ontario EcoSchools “How to” Videos

Last month, Ontario EcoSchools released the first in a series of EcoSchools program videos, “How to Conduct an Ontario EcoSchools Waste Audit”. This month, we are happy to release our second video installment, “How to Conduct an Ontario EcoSchools Energy Conservation EcoReview”! Both videos are under 5 minutes long and give valuable advice on how to conduct two essential actions in the EcoSchools program, the waste audit and the Energy Conservation EcoReview.

These two videos are the beginning of our “how to” video series to which we hope to add new videos every year. Video production was made possible with support from the Ministry of Education and each video is available in both English and French.

A tremendous thank you goes out to the Collège français EcoTeam who graciously stepped in front of the camera to demonstrate how to conduct an Ontario EcoSchools waste audit and Energy Conservation EcoReview.

Please share this resource with your EcoTeam and broader school community as you prepare for your Follow-up Energy Conservation EcoReview. Input your results into your online application by April 30th in order to be eligible for certification this year!

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup | Lead and Learn!

Lead your students in a unique educational opportunity and make a positive difference while learning about the environment.

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup (GCSC), presented by Loblaw Companies Limited, educates Canadians about shoreline litter through local cleanups.  Shoreline litter is one of the biggest threats facing our lakes, rivers, estuaries, ocean and other waterways.  Fortunately this is a problem that you can tackle hands-on. By participating in a Shoreline Cleanup you will see the positive impact you and your students make over the course of a single day.

Learn how to connect the classroom to the shoreline by using the GCSC's free Ontario Curriculum Guide (K-8). Students can create art projects, read stories, run through obstacle courses, solve math problems, explore biology and do what they do best – have fun.  For your older students the GCSC has created a Youth Site Coordinator Manual which walks them through the process of organizing a cleanup from start to finish and gives them the opportunity to take on a leadership role.

The lessons your students will learn and the experience they have while doing a Shoreline Cleanup will create environmental stewards who we hope will continue to make a difference for years to come.

Join the GCSC this April 1st through July 31st, 2014 and register your classroom today. Visit ShorelineCleanup.ca or call 1-877-427-2422 to register your class and download your free educational materials.

Help keep our waters healthy for everyone!

Join the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup today.

Get Outside Every Day! Can You Do It?

Spring has sprung which means it is time to get outside and enjoy nature. The 30x30 Nature Challenge hosted by the David Suzuki Foundation is challenging everyone to get outside every day during the month of May. To participate, students and teachers pledge to spend 30 minutes in nature every day for 30 days.  This is a terrific way to discover the value of spending time in nature every day!

Registration for the 30x30 Nature Challenge starts April 1st and various support tools are available online to help you plan your school's engagement. To find more information visit the David Suzuki Foundation's 30x30 Nature Challenge website.

The Green Flash: Solar Oven Challenge – register by May 16th

GreenLearning Canada hosts a solar oven challenge each year which invites participants to build, test, and bake with solar ovens. Students can use the solar oven construction plan provided, or they design their own plans (see below for an example of a learning activity featuring a solar oven). Register your class to be eligible to win prizes and certificates.  All grades and subjects are welcome! The deadline for registration is May 16, 2014.

Trapping Energy: Building a Solar Oven (Grade 7, pages 56-59)
In this activity, students construct a pizza box solar oven and use it to bake a snack. The purpose of the activity is to help students understand the greenhouse effect by exploring the concept of heat being trapped. The activity leads to discussion about greenhouse gases and the consequences of their increase in the Earth’s atmosphere.



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