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Connections to Climate Change in Grade 11 and 12 Science (University/College Prep)

Resource Description: This resource ranges over 5 different Science courses (University/College Prep), and highlights environmental education teaching and learning opportunities within the context of climate change.  

Contents: Fundamental concepts of climate change, as well as course specific content including: curriculum expectations, Guiding Questions (and answers), links to the EcoSchools program, and a list of resources that suit the needs of each course.

Download (Revised 2012-2013)


Waste Minimization Learning Activities by Grade (1-8)
The 20/20 Planner to Clean Air
Into Nature
secondary curriculum
Mapping Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations in Grade 9 Geography
Developing Active Citizenship Skills in Grade 10 Civics
Connecting to Climate Change through Rich Performance Tasks in Grade 10 Science
Understanding Climate Change in Grade 11 and 12 Geography
Connections to Climate Change in Grade 11 and 12 Science